A downloadable game for macOS

Not everyone makes it off the streets - will you?

Hobo Capitalist is an AD FREE, CHALLENGING, REALISTIC, take on the classic life simulator. Enter the world as a homeless hobo, beg on the streets or get hired for graffiti, go to university, invest in the market, sell real estate, become a tycoon and more! 

• Buy and sell items on the daily market 

• Invest in real estate, take out a mortgage or bring in rental income

• Beg, dumpster dive, play music and more

• Global leaderboards

• Take out a student loan to pay for university

• Apply to jobs to launch your career, earn raises and promotions

• Build your credit

• Set investing for retirement

• Eat healthy and increase your life expectancy

• Grow your net worth

• Take vacations

• 50+ random events to keep you on your toes

• Frequent content updates

Will you make it off the streets and become a millionaire?


Hobo Capitalist

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Hi! Is there any way I could contact you?

please launch for windows soon. I'd love to play this game